Brief: Design a lightweight rescue stretcher and accompanying transport for the year 2040 that enables rescuers to intuitively use the stretcher and save energy.
watch a recording of my capstone presentation that goes in depth with the features of my design
As an outdoor hobbyist, i have a personal investment in the solution. After being offered the opportunity to attend a high ropes rescue class, i got to experience the pain points user's face, which helped me with empathetic design. It was essential to design what the user needs, not what i want to give them. 
Problems within the rope and transport phase needed to be addressed in my design
Additional ideation included extra handles, but they added unnecessary weight and the outer frame offered ample grip points. 
To solve the problem of changing the stretcher's orientation, I ideated on a foot plant strategically located at the foot of the stretcher.

The Zion Rescue Stretcher is mounted by a proprietary mounting system designed specifically for this project. 
The S-Lock mounting system sets the stretcher at waist hight, allowing the rescuers to comfortably transport patients to the ambulance preserving their energy and saving their backs from injury. 

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