The shoe is designed for someone on the go, interested in many hobbies. This user values comfort, style, functionality, and durability. The use of the shoe calls for a flat sole, form fitting upper, and the ability to quickly adjust the lace tension. 
A mood board helped to inspire design choices. The principle of motion is important, so the design focuses on dynamic lines, propelling the shoe forward. Principles of strength and durability inspire the choice of materials. On’s visual brand language is an important inspiration given the brief of the project.
The design found a natural form quickly, silimar to existing skate shoes on the market. A main focus of the ideation process was devoted to incorporating on’s branding through the pass through in the soles of their shoes without compromising the stability and durability needed to ground a skate shoe. 
The fianl concept includes faux pass-throughs on the sole, a choice that maintained on’s in comic branding, while maintaining the integrity of the sole. An on-the-go user can utilize Pull tabs and a no-tie lacing system to quickly put on the shoe and get moving. 
color-ways follow the colors provided by on running shoes and give anyone a shoe they’ll love.
Renders using vizcom 

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