Hello! I'm Micah, a junior industrial designer passionate about innovation. I have always had a curiosity about the way things work and I love coming up with solutions to problems I encounter. When I'm not designing, I'm climbing, backpacking, or spending time in nature. 
Recently, I took an interest in biophilic design after a research project, and I've enjoyed raising houseplants and the benefits they offer. Some of my favorite parts of the design process are the sketching and ideation phases, and I’ve taken a lot of joy from CAD work in my recent projects. 
Some of my favorite projects so far have been the Zion Rescue Stretcher, the On Skate Shoe, and the Canoo Ambulance. They really let me exercise my creativity and show what I can do as a designer.
Feel free to reach out and connect with me through my contact page, I'd love to talk!
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